chat is very good but

December 5th, 2010

there is no meaning for “but”.. chat is good

Please clean your Chat Rooms

August 11th, 2010

Good Chat Rooms maker

At present Chat rooms are fast growing in popularity. Chatting and social networking is proving to be one of the biggest reasons that the internet is used today. Here is some general information on good chat rooms.

Use quality words while chatting. So that you can develop your own language power.

Dont use sex chat words in public chat rooms

Dont chat with minors. ie., below 18 years

What is chat ?

July 31st, 2010

What is chat ?

Real-time communication between two users via computer or by using other devices like mobile, pager etc.  Once a chat has been initiated, either user can enter text by typing on the keyboard and the entered text will appear on the other user’s monitor or mobile screen.  At present, most of the  networks and online services offer a chat feature.

Why everyone love chat ?

July 31st, 2010

Why everyone love chat ?

There are somany types of chats.. friends chat, romance chat, hot chat, sex chat, men to men chat, men to girl chat, official chat, family chat etc.,

Every peoples love chatting because of chat will help you to acquire  a lot of  information. persons those who discuss political, official, personal etc with others will make you a strengthen person.

Some peoples like Free webcam chat and find rooms unlimited for free video chat by suing webcam. 

What are the important chat words ?

July 29th, 2010

Here we can discuss the important chatting words  for your reference.


Hello dear

asl – full form of ASL is  – Age – Sex – Language

usage is –  your ASL please

hai dude

i want to kiss u

i will kill

my dear sweet



keep in touch

c u

see you again

good night

good morning






chit chat

Now you studied the commonly using chat words…… you are trained by expert… go forward

Why kerala girls and boys need a chat room ?

July 25th, 2010

kerala girls and boys need a chat room ?

Kerala girls and boys are the best talkies around the world. They were always chat something …… Some times they chat friends matters, family matters, public discussions around the different topics etc. Chat rooms, we can use differently .. some persons use the chat for expressing their thought to others and understand what they are doing… I mean that guys always think what girls doing at home at free time ?.. girls also think the same., ie; what to do boys while getting free time inside house…

This website will help you to chat with different mallus …  malayalies … different girls and boys in kerala and other states …. so enjoy guys and ladies.. have a nice time.. all the best