This couples converted a Barren land to big Forest

According to Bhagavad Gita “Whatever you do, do it as a dedication to God. This will bring you the tremendous experience of joy and life-freedom forever”.

Couples named Dr Anil Malhothra & Prameela, after working their duties at several places, decided to make a heaven with lot of animals, plants, birds etc., They searched several places and finally got the unproductive land. The land is situated near to the kerala-karnataka border and situated in Kutak named place. They acquired 55 acre barren land at the year 1991 and expanded it to 300 acre.


after 23 years, now this place is little heaven with lot of different types of animals, birds and a real forest. Having hundreds of different plants and big trees.

forest-anilanil-forest-kutak-kerala-borderCouples developed a real beauty of nature and a little heaven here. This name is called save animal initiative (SAI) and at 2014, this little forest got  Asia’s wild life and tourism initiative award.

Share maximum and make other to do such great things..

Top 10 best and most beautiful tree tunnels in world

Tree Tunnels in the world

Trees like cherry, jacarandas, beech trees form a tree tunnel. In spring, autumn seasons these trees give a perfect view in the surroundings. The most beautiful tree tunnels are listed as follows:

Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Germany



Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho, Brazil


Autumn Tree Tunnel, USA


Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, Japan


Yew Tree Tunnel, UK


The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland



Bamboo Path, Japan


Tunnel of Love, Ukraine


Jacarandas Walk, South Africa



Wisteria Tunnel, Japan


Top 8 Best and wonderful buildings in the world

Today architecture has been so much advanced that has given birth to many new buildings. The buildings are featured with ambitious designs, quirky shapes, and new styles. Here we list some of the top amazing and strange buildings in the world:

Ripley’s Believe It or Not House
Ufo city
Sanzhi Ufo House
Kansas City Public Library, Missouri, U.S.A
Crooked House, Sopot, Poland



Dancing building, Prague, Czech Republic
Washing machine Building, Mexico
Cubic house
Cubic houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Lotus Temple_1
Lotus temple, Bahai house of worship, Delhi, India


Funny Childhood Memories in photos

Oh! No, Mom is coming

Oh no

Come on fast, press him tight until he breathes….

First Aid

Let’s go for a walk dear….


Hey Jennifer, How are You?

Hey jenifer

It’s the nice place to hide

Oh my god

Start, Action, Camera……


Something smelling Yummy? Mom is making something special for me


Doctor, My heart is not your MP3


Let’s have some fishing dear


Open Gangam style!


Photos of Strange and mysterious happenings around world



frozen-girl-01 (2)
Inca Girl Frozen For 500 Years


Zahra Aboutalib, 75 from Morocco gave birth to a baby (calcified fetus) after carrying for half a century


ice women
Jean Hillard from Minnesota was recovered perfectly after violent convulsions from hospital and regained her consciousness back from frozen body as her body was fully frozen the ice, similar to dead body


Animals such as tadpoles frogs live inside the rocks, concrete concealed but remained alive even there is o holes for getting oxygen

Baby born within 23 weeks

Rauwolfa new born baby born within 23 weeks and is 2 days old and is considered as the youngest baby.



Amazing pictures which makes your mind blow



13 years old Bingzhe from Dongguan, Guangdong Province, was living and sleeping with the python since he was baby.



Haunted Island in Xochimico, Mexico covered with dolls  where some people go and get disappeared.



This Turquoise water in Solvania becomes so clear that if a boat is floating in the water seems to be floating in the air. The water becomes so transparent as if we are flying in the air.


Zakynthos Island in Greece, here the water is so clear that it looks like boat floating in he air


Mercedes, Benz comes with new much awaited invisible car made from LED technology.



Public phone booths are not in use so this phone booths are transformed into Aquariums in Osaka, Japan


Humming bird is equal to the size of coin


Solar Window charger


Awesome painting


largest fountain
World’s largest fountain, Dubai


A women in India gave birth to 11 kids at a time.



Blood lake
Blood Lake, Texas USA

oil painting
Famous oil painting. Believe it or not!

Photo art
Fruit Art

Thailand is a big shame to whole world-Thailand to Stop Elephant Torture

Stop this cruelty against elephants – Thailand is a big shame to the whole world

Thailand to Stop Elephant Torture

Cruelty against baby elephants in  thailand
Cruelty against baby elephants in thailand

This article published for informing the cruelty against elephants in thailand. Please try to stop this type of cruelty against animals especially elephants. Thailand is a big shame to whole world.
Elephants that ”work” in Thailand and other tourist destinations have to go through a ritual called phajaan, or “crush”. It begins with the baby elephants (usually three to four years old) being taken from their mothers and placed in a small, wooden pen. To get them securely in the pen, these babies are beaten with bamboo, sticks with nails attached to the tip and bull hooks. Once in place, the crush lasts for roughly a week. During this time, they are beaten, bludgeoned, have hooks attached to their sensitive ears, and are deprived of food and water as well as sleep, all in the name of breaking ties with their mothers and becoming domesticated. While in the crush, through the infliction of pain, they learn how to accept riders, do circus tricks and paint. This is designed to break the animal’s spirit which it certainly achieves, often taking its sanity too.

Used for centuries to domesticate wild elephants, this torture training method is still accepted as the only viable training method for elephant handlers and is used in almost every elephant attraction in Thailand.
And, once they have their souls stomped out, they are simply vessels entertaining people. They are chained. They don’t eat enough.

Like humans, elephants have the capability to form relationships and have emotions

. But, not the elephants working for the tourists.

People who visit Thailand and other countries with elephant tourism don’t realize the damage they cause these elephants when they support trekking camps, go to circuses or buy the paintings done by these creatures. Without knowing, they send a clear message to the elephant tourism industry that shows they support the torture these animals go through early in their life, as well as the horrific conditions they live in as cogs in the tourism wheel. Please never support this horrible practice, never ride an elephant. (Andres Grijalva)
Please sign the letter on here and for more impact please send emails to
The Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra: (the Secretariat to the Cabinet)
The Minister of Commerce:
The Public Relations Department:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Email block….,,,

In Thailand, approximately 3,000 of the country’s estimated 4,500 endangered Asian elephants are in private hands. Most are used as tourist attractions in elephant camps where they are forced to perform circus tricks and give rides. PETA U.S. has uncovered the horrific torture that is routine in Thailand’s secret “training” camps. Still-nursing baby elephants are literally dragged from their mothers, kicking and screaming. They are immobilized, beaten mercilessly, and gouged with nails for days at a time. These ritualized “training” sessions leave the elephants badly injured, traumatized, or even dead.

PETA is urging the government of Thailand to enact laws prohibiting the cruel treatment, confinement, and training of elephants and to ban the use of elephants for commercial or entertainment purposes immediately. The laws would protect these sensitive, intelligent, and highly endangered animals from future abuse.

With the numbers of elephants in the world dwindling, Thailand should be a role model for other countries in establishing and promoting elephant protection at home and abroad. Tourists would flock to Thailand to see herds of elephants roaming freely in sanctuaries. Please watch the video footage that shows how these elephants are broken and then contact the prime minister of Thailand,

The Honourable Abhisit Vejjajiva, to demand an end to this cruel, barbaric, and disgraceful practice that should have been stopped long ago.

Snake Baby – Found human baby with snake-like body

Snake Baby – Found human baby with snake-like body

snake baby
snake baby

This well-preserved specimen is a “Snake Baby” or a human baby with snake-like body with multiple serious birth defects. Specifically, this baby has suffered genetic defects such as snake-like skin (“ichthyosis” or fish-like scale skin), tiny lizard-like teeth, elongated six-fingered hands, elongated skull, and undeveloped snake-like lower body (“Sirenomelia” or mermaid syndrome). For the purpose of the genetic study and research, it is preserved in the cryogenic status at a major genetic research laboratory in California now. Its tissue sample is also preserved at major genetic research centers including New York Central Genetic Research Center in the United States.

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012


My wishes for you in year 2011


Fantastic JANUARY




Marvelous MARCH


Foolish APRIL


Enjoyable MAY


Successful JUNE


Wonderful JULY


Indepedent AUGUST


Powerful September


Tastiest OCTOBER


Beautiful NOVEMBER


Happiest DECEMBER.





Keep the smile,

leave the tear,

Think of joy,

forget the fear,

Hold the laugh,

leave the pain,

                                                      Be joyous ,  

Coz its new year!






Remember The Laughter,

The Joy,

The Hard Work,

And The Tears.


And As You Reflect On The Past Year, Also Be Thinking Of The New One To Come.


Because Most Importantly,

This Is A Time Of New Beginnings


And The Celebration Of Life."




The Old Year

Has Gone,

Let The Dead Past

Bury Its Own Dead,

The New Year Has

Taken Possession

Of The Clock Of Time.

All Hail, The Duties And

Possibilities Of

The Coming 12 Months