Kobal Spien – Thousand Lingas River – Hinduism in Cambodia

Kobal Spien, also known as ‘the thousand Lingas river’

Thousands of siva lingas found in a forest river at combodia. This shows that Hinduism is not only in India but also a global religion in the past. Hindus are spread almost all the countries and still it is growing fast. Here some of the photos added for your reference. These photos taken from a river inside deep forest at combodia. Sree.Vishnu, hanuman, thousands of siva linga’s etc made in stones inside this forest river.




hindu at Cambodia





Several hundreds of ” lingas ” (representation of the x of the god Shiva in the Hinduism) are sculptured by important groups in the river with spaces sculptured by Hanuman (the monkey god ), of Ram and Lakshmi as well as that of slept Vishnou meditating in a cosmic sleep on the essential ocean.

Biggest Dragon has been shot dead in Malaysia

A big white dragon has been appeared at ‘orchard’ named place in malaysia. The owner of the grove realize recently he’s lost some of his rabbits in the area of the grove.
white dragon photo

A dragon has been shot dead in a house near the Duran orchard orchard owners to realize lately always lose some rabbits bred in the orchard area. Boon Chin Yo orchard owners were asleep in the 2nd floor room of the home woke up when he heard the screams of rabbits and tigers sound like an odd sound. Orchard owners continue peek of stairs found a strange animal with two horns and a long mustache is suck a male rabbit.

white dragon at malaysia

Because aid, he continued to take an auto rifle and fired eight shots cause the odd animal fell to the floor. After ensuring these animals really dead he was memperanjatkan to find it is a dragon-like fluffy white rabbit fur. He told reporters that, “I do not think how the animal is a white dragon. Extremely surprised me” because according to Chinese belief when a dragon enters the house will bring ‘ong’ and horns can fetch millions of dollars. However, he does not plan to sell any part of the body of the animal magic to any party and will preserve the dead animals for public viewing..

white dragon killed

See the Pictures of big white dragon found at malaysia.

Scarlett Johansson hen’s Perfectly rounded egg sells on ebay

‘Scarlett Johansson’ hen’s round egg sells on online selling portal eBay for £480. (Around 49000 Indian Rupee)

ping pong egg round egg pingpongroundeggsellsebay roundegg Scarlett Johansson round egg-ping pong

Kim Broughton, the owner of this hen will donate the money raised from the egg’s sale to the trust named: Cystic Fibrosis.

This egg is shapped perfectly a round and looking like a ball. this chicken egg has sold for an “unbelievable” amount of Rs.49000 on ebay portal.

Kim Broughton found one of her hens – now renamed Ping Pong – had laid the round egg in her garden in Latchingdon, Essec, on 17 February – Pancake Day.

Kim Broughton decided to auction the egg for acquiring the money for her favorite trust named  Cystic Fibrosis Trust after a friend’s son died from the disease. She sell this egg because she know this is a unusual egg and someone will buy this for high price. Her main intention is to make money for the trust. Around 64 bids raised at ebay and finally sold out for high rate.

Buyer name not mentioning anywhere since it is a secret and ebay policy.

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Ohm sign appeared at Banyan Tree – Njaralloor Karuvelil Sree krishnaswami Temple – Kochi – Kerala

Kochi: After cutting the banyan tree part inside the Karuvelil Sreekrishnaswami Temple at Njaralloor, appeared Ohm sign inside the wood. There are thousands of peoples reaching here to see this god’s sign. As per Hindu mythology, ‘Ohm’ is one of the most important word and Sign.

Temple name:Njaralloor Karuvelil Sreekrishnaswami Temple

Nearby cities: Muvattupuzha, Piravom, Varapuzha (Paravur)
Coordinates:   10°1’51″N   76°25’40″E
Location:Njaralloor Kara
Kizhakkambalam PO
Ernakulam – 683562
Phone: 00914842686140  (Phone number Not directly confirmed & collected from internet)

ohm sign at Banyan Tree aalmaram keralanjaralloor-karuvelil-sreekrishnaswami-temple




as per hindu belief, ohm is the sign of Parabhrama and and this photo spread through several medias and thousands of peoples reaching here to watch this wonder.

Malayalam News of this miracle


179 Years Old Man living in India – Guiness World Records

179 Years Old Man from India – Guiness World Records


VARANASI-INDIA- A retired shoe mender, who claims that he completed 179 years of age. Born on 1835. This is a guiness world record. The oldest man in the world



As outlined by Indian officials, the person born at banglore home on 1835, and moved to  Varanasi on 1903. He worked well like a cobbler from the city until finally 1957, any time they upon the market on the by now venerable grow older of 122.

“I have been alive so long, that my great grand-children have been dead for years” explains Mr Mûrasi. “Somehow death forgot about me… And now there’s hardly any hope left. Look at the statistics, nobody dies past 150, even less at 170. At that point, I guess I’m immortal or something. I might as well enjoy it!”

The final health practitioner Mister Mûrasi went to died inside 1971, thus there’s minor details readily available concerning his or her previous health-related documents.

Buffalo born with human face in thailand

Buffalo gives birth to human like baby in Thailand

In Thailand a Buffalo gave birth to human like baby. It has hands, feets look like buffalo but most of it’s organs are human shaped. The face of the buffalo boy is completely deformed into a human face .




Top 8 Best and wonderful buildings in the world

Today architecture has been so much advanced that has given birth to many new buildings. The buildings are featured with ambitious designs, quirky shapes, and new styles. Here we list some of the top amazing and strange buildings in the world:

Ripley’s Believe It or Not House
Ufo city
Sanzhi Ufo House
Kansas City Public Library, Missouri, U.S.A
Crooked House, Sopot, Poland



Dancing building, Prague, Czech Republic
Washing machine Building, Mexico
Cubic house
Cubic houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Lotus Temple_1
Lotus temple, Bahai house of worship, Delhi, India


Two rupas of Nagaraja appeared on the banyan tree facing Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple – Kottayam

Two rupas of Nagaraja appeared on the banyan tree facing Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple – Kottayam

Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple

Two-rupas-of-Nagaraja-appeared-Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple-banyana-tree
Two-rupas-of-Nagaraja-appeared-Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple-banyana-tree

Thirunakkara is the name of a place of Kottayam city in Kerala, India. The place is a hill
known as “Nakkara Kunnu” in the local language Malayalam.There is a Hindu temple on
the mountain and the mountain is regarded to be a Holy mountain by Hindus hence the
name “Thiru” + “Nakkara” signifying “Sacred Nakkara Hill”.


Thirunakkara Mahadeva temple is devoted to Lord Siva is situated at Thirunakkara.
The yearly ten-day festival at the temple attracts to a deep connection with the Aaraattu
function. Usually nine caparisoned elephants take aspect in the Aaraattu procession,
which begins in afternoon.

Folk artistry like Mayilattom, Velakali etc., are provided in the temple building at
evening. Another significant fascination is the Kathakali, during the event.

Thirunakkara-Mahadeva-temple-banyan-treeAlso Thirunakkara is one of the ace Shiva temples in Kerala.

This Siva temple at Thirunakkara is in the center of Kottayam city at a distance of 1.5km
on the Ernakulam- Thiruvananthapuram train line. The 500year old temple was designed
by Thekkumkoor Maharaja in the Kerala model design. The surfaces of the temple are
designed with vibrant works of art and the sanctum santorium with images from Hindu
epics . Dhara and Chathu-satha are the primary offerings here. The temple is opened from
5am to 12 mid-day in the day and from 5pm to 8 pm at night.

A social centre ‘Koothambalam’, situated within the temple area, is regarded as the best
in Kerala. Three celebrations are famous in the Thirunakkara Mahadeva temple in the
month of Thulam (Oct-Nov), Mithunam (June-July) and Meenam (March-April) of
which the last one is the most essential. There are also additional shrines devoted to
Master Ganesha.
The conventional Kerala structure of the temple draws a lot of devotees. The
koothambalam, the conventional thetre of the temple, where activities of various
conventional art and dancing types are organized ,is popular for its structure. Paintings
illustrating some stories from the Hindu epics enhance the surfaces of the temple.

 Two rupas of Nagaraja appeared on the banyan tree


One wonder happened at Kottayam Thirunakkara Mahadeva temple.. On the banyan tree (Aaal maram generally known as “Pallivetta Aal”) of Thirunakkara temple the “Divyaroopa of Lord Nagaraja -5 headed snake ” emerged out , yesterday morning.. AUM Nagarajaya.. Namaha….. It was an unbelievable event…. Two rupas of Nagaraja appeared – one facing Mahadeva temple and the other on the east west side of the tree… Thousands of devotees gathered to witness this blessed event… Devotees decorated the roopas with garland & turmeric powder . Years before itself one Sarppa Pradishtta was there at the bottom of the same tree and many of the devotees are still worshiping that Pradishtta…The sudden appearance of Nagaroopa clearly indicates the presence of Lord Nagaraja….…. SreeKrishnarppanamasthu.

World’s Tallest girl Duangdee Malee continues to grow

World's highest/tallest gril Duangdee Malee continues to grow

High above his parents, Malee Duangdee holds the record for the world's tallest teenagers – and could grow even more.

Big Love: Malee Duangdee Mam Khosod with father and mother Ji (Photo: Barcroft)

The 19year-old, 2.12 meters (6 feet 10 inches) tall and weighs 127kg (20), but the world record has led a life of solitude.

His height was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was when he was nine, reduced. This led to a hormone imbalance and impaired vision.

"She looked from his friends, and I got a little worried," his mother Ji. "I took her to the doctor because I know that there was nothing really wrong with her.

She needs a jab at a cost of £ 2,000 for three months to control the tumor, which may not always afford the family.

The taunts of her classmates while she was in school, Malee, Trat Province, Thailand, East who now spends all his time with his family.

"Since graduation I've been trying to get comfortable with who I am," said Malee.

"I never had a boyfriend. Do not think that marriage is possible for someone like me," he said. "My father is very worried about me, I can not go somewhere just because I need to get up sometimes help."