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Digipay 7 is the latest version from Digipay series. Digipay is available both Desktop and Mobile. It provides Domestic Money Transfer in India and AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System). Most important and notable thing is Digipay providing maximum commission than other private applications. You can find the list of commission while using aeps services below.

CSC-SPV in collaboration with NPCI(National Payment Corporation of India) with IndusInd Bank has launched Aadhaar Enabled payment System (AePS) at Pan India CSC centers. This is help the government to reach each and every nock and corner of rural India. Several Lakhs of peoples depends CSC for withdrawing money from their bank account using aadhaar. There is no need to go to bank directly and this will help the bank to reduce burden.

The DIGIPAY application providing morethan Rs. 11/- per transaction if it is above 3000. Other private companies only providing commission of Rs.7 same time. CSC entrepreneur can withdraw money by using his or her mobile phone at customer end. This will help him to collect some extra from customers (door delivery). Digipay 7 need some primery requirements and such as shown follows:

Minimum requirements for Digipay 7

1. Desktop/Laptop/Mobile with proper Internet connectivity( expecting Broadband connection).
2. Biometric Device ie: Manthra, Morpho, Startek etc (Fingerprint/Iris) for authentication is must.
3. You need to Install Printer to print the transaction receipts and it is optional.
4. Customer account number should be linked to aadhaar for withdrawal.
5. Valid CSC Id of the Entrepreneur and valid Bank account.

How to Install Digipay 
  • You can download DigiPay 7 setup from https://digipay.csccloud.in/ by clicking on Download Application
  • Click on Digipay 7 installer. DigiPay 7 installer will start functioning.
  • Click on Next to continue after accepting the agreement.
  • Click on Next button to continue the installation
  • Select Create a Desktop Shortcut and Click on Next button
  • Click on Install button to complete the digipay 7 installation.
  • After completing the installation, Digipay will launch automatically.

Problem Solving – Digipay 7

If any issues arrises while using Digipay 7, i mean login issues and such, you can uninstall the present digipay version from settings (add or remove) and also remove CSC folder from C://. Delete Temp files and cookies and then reinstall Digipay 7. This will help you to solve the login issues.

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