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Film actress gopika's beautiful photos
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Bhama is a sexy Malayalam actress who is a new face who started her career with the film Nivedyam which become a Mega Hit with this heroine and the Beautiful song "Kolakkuzhal Vili Ketto Radhe...Kannanenne Kando" She is just a film old, but is regarded as one of the best things to have happened to Malayalam cinema after Manju Warrier and Meera Jasmine. She is Bhama, the heroine of writer-director Lohitadas' Nivedyam.Believe me, the desire to be an actress was not there even in my wildest dreams. No one from my family is into films. When one of my friends, who was anchoring a show on television fell ill, I did two episodes in her place. For me, more than doing the programme, the main attraction was the location of the shoot, Veegaland, where I always wanted to go.As fate would have it, Lohitadas Sir happened to see the programme and I was contacted for the role in Nivedyam. I told him I had not learnt classical dance and my involvement in co-curricular activities was pretty limited. I am more into music than dance.Right now I am doing director Vinayan's Hareendran Oru Nishkalankan? with Indrajith, Jayasurya and Manikkuttan. Johny Antony's Cycle with Vineeth Sreenivasan, Vinu Mohan and Sandhya will start rolling soon.

Story Of Nivedyam

It all begins with Mohanakrishnan's played by the newcomer Vinu Mohan arrival at an idyllic village in order to pursue his passion for music. There, he is forced to take up the job of a junior priest in the local temple owned by his music teacher, who is the representative of all the old feudal values that Lohitadas idolizes. So, for Mohanakrishnan it is actually a return he is an ‘unfortunate’ Nambudiri boy, who has ‘fallen’ into the state of resorting to a manual, ‘low’ profession like carpentry. Apparently this fall is due to the ‘progressive’ liberalism of the earlier generation because his idealist-father didn’t think that his family was the end of everything, and was busy reforming the world. And it is the bounden duty of another Nambudiri Brahmin in this generation, Kaithapram a well known lyricist in Malayalam cinema acting as himself, who rights this wrong, by sending him to an illustrious master, and so, back to his rightful place. Thus, in a way Mohanakrishnan regains his lost father in the Nambudiri landlord who becomes his guru and guardian.In the village, Mohanakrishnan suddenly becomes a ‘Krishna’ to all the love-starved women around. But his heart is won by Bhama (played by another debutant Bhama), an illegitimate child born to a woman who was lured to the city by cinema. It is the landlord-Nambudiri who protects her. Fatherless like the hero, she is the result of her mother's infatuation with cinema. So, saving her is also atonement for the sin committed by the landlord-brahmin's son, for it was the latter who was instrumental in sending her to the tinsel world. Just when Mohanakrishnan and Bhama’s love flourishes, enter the villain in the form of a relative of her brother-in-law. Caught red-handed in the premises of the temple, and prevented violently in their efforts to run away and make a life elsewhere, Mohanakrishnan is forced to kill the villain. The film winds up with the run-of-the-mill, cliché of the hero going to jail leaving his love behind who promises to wait for him to come back.

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