Top 10 best and most beautiful tree tunnels in world

Tree Tunnels in the world

Trees like cherry, jacarandas, beech trees form a tree tunnel. In spring, autumn seasons these trees give a perfect view in the surroundings. The most beautiful tree tunnels are listed as follows:

Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Germany



Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho, Brazil


Autumn Tree Tunnel, USA


Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, Japan


Yew Tree Tunnel, UK


The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland



Bamboo Path, Japan


Tunnel of Love, Ukraine


Jacarandas Walk, South Africa



Wisteria Tunnel, Japan


10 oldest living trees in world-some cute photos of such trees

General Sherman, Sequoia National Park, California


 Chestnut Tree of One Hundred Horses, Mount Etna, Sicily



Jōmon Sugi, Yakushima, Japan



Olive Tree of Vouves, Greek island, Crete



Patriarca da Floresta, Brazil


The Senator, Florida



Alerce,  North America


 Llangernyw Yew, Llangernyw village, North Wales, England


Sarv-e Abarqu (“Zoroastrian Sarv”)Yazd province, Iran



Methuselah,  Inyo National Forest, California





Artist Julian Beever ! –

His art is extremley unique and very amazing. This guy makes
his paintings on the footpaths and pavements but when you
look at them from a certain angle, they appear to be 3D !!!
And in some cases they are just lifelike!

I strongly feel that everybody should know about such an
amazing artist and get a chance to praise his unique art!

Looks like someone put a 3D globe in the middle of
the road ! But this is actually painted on the road
in such a strerched manner that when viewed from
this angle, It look 3D!

Look at the same painting from a different angle –

Now can you see the trick ???

Now here is an ultra cool one –

Would you believe that this sony laptop is
actually drawn on the pavement !!

Very Impressive, Isn’t it?

Here is one I found on the web –

This is not at all computer edited,
and made totally by the artist.

Here is one Awesome Art –

Check out the water closely !!!
This Artist is just amazing !

Bhima’s Sons gadotkach skeleton found in India – REMAINS OF MAHABHARATA

Bhima’s Sons gadotkach-like skeleton found

Recent exploration activity in the northern region of India uncovered a skeletal remains of a human of phenomenal size. This region of the Indian desert is called the “empty quarter”.

The dicovery was made by National Geographic Team( India Division) with support from the indian army since the area come under the jurisdiction of the Army.

The exploration team also found tablets with inscriptions that stated that our god’s of Indian mythological yore, “Brahma”, had created people of Phenomenal size the like of which he has not created since. They were very tall, big and very powerful, such that they could put their arms around a tree trunk and uproot it. They were created to bring order among us since we were always fighting with each other. One of the sons of Brahma of the Pandava brothers is also thought of to have been carrying these genes. Later these people, who were given all the power, turned against all our gods, and transgressed beyond all boundaries set. As a result they were destroyed by God Siva. The Geo exploration team believes these to be the remains of those people.

Government of India has secured the whole area and no one is allowed to enter except the Net-Geo personnel. See the photo and note the size of the two men standing in the picture in comparison to the size of the skeleton !!


Top 10 bridges in world


Tower Bridge


Tower bridge is situated in London, England. Tower bridge was constructed by Sir Horace Jones and John Wolf Barry. Tower bridge was constructed with two towers built on piers for port facilities.

Golden Gate Bridge


Golden gate bridge in San Francisco and is built by veteran bridge builder Joseph Strauss. The color of Golden gate bridge is International Orange.

Brooklyn Bridge


Brooklyn bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world with tallest structures. John Roebeling designed this bridge.

The Wind & Rain bridge


Wind & rain bridges was built by Dong community in China. Dong people are considered as excellent bridge ddevelopers. Wind & Rain bridge is called Wind & Rain bridge as it not only let the people to cross the river but also protects them.

Ponte Vecchio


Ponte Vicchio is a bridge situated on Arno river in Florence, Italy. Ponte Vecchio was built by Taddeo Gaddi. The word “Bankruptcy” is derived from Ponte Vecchio as a merchant failed to pay debt.

Covered Bridges

West Montrose Covered Bridge on the Grand River, Ontario, Canada

List of first 10 people to join Facebook

Mark Zuckerburg

Mark Zuckerburg was the founder of Facebook together with college roommates from Harvard University. After testing 3 accounts himself  he was satisfied that it was working properly. Many of them were amazed to find that Mark’s profile ID is No.4 and who were the first three people. Mark was best known among five co-founders.


Chris Hughes

Chris Huges was one among the co founders of Facebook among the fellow roomates of Harvard University.


Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin was a roomate of Mark and David Hammer so he was one among the three co-founders of Facebook.


Arie Hasit

Arie Hasit was  a non-founder of Facebook and he joined the Facebook with the invitation of David Hammer.


Marcel Georgs Laverdet II

Marcel Georgs Laverdet is a student of LSU and was a hacker, he got ID by a hack and was listed among the top ten first people to join Facebook.


Soleio Cuervo

Soleio Cuervo is a student of Harvard University  and was a close mate of Zuckerburg so he was invited for joining Facebook.


Chris Putnam

Chris Putnam was the first person to sign up in Facebook from outside the University.


Andrew Mccollum

Andrew Mccollum was a Harvard University student. Zuckerburg invited Andrew to design logo for Facebook.

Art by Mark Oliver

Colin Kelly

Colin was joined in Facebook by his great friend David Hammer.


Mark Kaganovich

Mark Kaganovich was the friend of David Hammer who advised him to join Facebook.


Top 5 best and amazing waterfalls around the world

 Sutherland falls, New Zealand

Sutherland falls, Fiordland, New Zealand

Sutherland waterfalls is located in Fiordland, New Zealand and is one of the tallest waterfall in the world. Sutherland falls is falling into three cascades which creates a desperate landscape.

Niagara waterfall, Ontario, Canada

Niagara waterfall, Ontario, Canada

Niagara waterfalls is the famous waterfalls in the world. Niagara waterfall is located  in Canada. Niagara waterfalls is the collective name of three waterfalls located between the border of Canada & USA. These three waterfalls are Horseshoe fall, American falls, & The Bridal Veil Falls. Horseshoe Fall is located on the Canadian side, American Falls & Bridal Veil is located on the American side. Horseshoe waterfall is most amazing the waterfall in the world and among the other two waterfalls. The water in Horseshoe fall drops upto 173 ft (53m) which is the highest flow of water than any other waterfall in the world.

Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji, India

Nohkalikai Falls
Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji, India

Nohkalikai Falls is located in Cherrapunji is the tallest waterfall in India. The water falls down to 1100 feet (335m) . There forms a plunge pool when the water falls down with an unusual green color.

Angel falls, Venezuela

Angel falls
Angel falls, Venezuela

Angel falls is the highest waterfall in the world. Angel Waterfall is dropping from Auyantepui mountain at  Caniama national park in the Gran Sabana of  Bolivar. The water is falling from an uninterrupted height of 3,212 feet(979m).

Victoria waterfalls, Zimbabwe

Victora falls
Victoria waterfalls, Zimbabwe

Victoria waterfalls is the most beautiful waterfall located on the border of  Zambia & Zimbabwe, in South Africa on Zambezi river. Victoria waterfall is also termed as Mosi-oa-Tunya. The Zambezi river drops  from a height of 354 feet (108m), width of 5,604 feet hence the spray of water rises very high which is one of it’s mainsight .