Self care for irregular periods

Self care for irregular periods

Irregular periods are the universal problem that most of the women experience. About 70% of the women, especially approaching menopause experience the problem of irregular periods. Self care is very essential to treat irregular periods. A few dietary and lifestyle changes could help manage irregular periods.


One should reduce their stress levels. Meditation, relaxing or just roaming in cool and calm place may help your cycle back on the track.


Over exercise is highly contraindicated. It is equally important to keep you fit and fine. This is to be done in moderation.


Stop taking hot, spicy and junk food. They tend to disturb your cycle.


Avoid stale, decayed foods and packaged food containing lots of preservatives.


If you are bulimic, suffering other types of disordered eating or anorexic, they are firstly to be corrected.


Never ignore the whitish discharge from the vagina. Consult a gynaecologist and treat it first.


Regular exercises regulate your body temperature, which helps you have a regular menstrual cycle.


Avoid consuming all the constipating foods, particularly during the last week of your menstrual cycle. Avoid foods like: sour foods, protein rich pulses and fried foods.


In case, the above tips don't help you regularise your periods, consult a gynaecologist and check for any hormonal problem.


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